Friday, May 9, 2008

Monkey Man is not a reliable husband!

I heard the statement firstly from my friend who got marry before me. His mom's girlfriend told daughter that monkey man is usually not a reliable and honest husband. She cited a lot of examples to convince her daughter. She said monkey man is up and down easily , so his love now is not what is going to be tomorrow. Simply, monkey man loves quick change and unexpected. At that time, I think the mother tried to generalize the case. It based on a few cases.

Now, it comes to me also. It is not limited to the above mother, it is very common to many mothers as well as her relatives, mother's friends, colleagues and friends. They keep telling her that monkey man is not a good husband. This creates a big question into myself, however I don't know the answer. If I do and it will be bad, then I should not marry her. If the statement is true, I mean in term of majority, I wish I am among the few. If the statement is true based on a few cases, I wish I am among the majority. I don't think I can promise on that, since it is a state of mind of monkey man. They are unreliable to people or it is also a case for oneself, therefore promise can't be reliable.
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