Thursday, October 7, 2010

One day trip in Wonderland , Siem Reap Angkor

I've been to this wonderland again with family ( my beloved MOM , cute Uncle, Mysterious Brother, and my lovely Husband) .
This is our second time and also in the season of Pchum Ben (from 6th to 9th) .
Uncle visited us for 3 weeks and he wanted to go to Cultural Village so much.

Infront of Bayon Temple.
It surprised me , he also name Sombo <-- that elephant .

The interesting parts during this trip are :

- We could have good condition hotel for 15$ , and also we could see beautiful sunrise from the window with the romantic balcony.

- We went to the restaurant that I and my colleagues usually to go during our field work in Siem Reap , which made me feel no different from going for work .. not sth I want but i had no choice since we didn't no where else to go.

I acted like seller here.

- We bought many good stuffs in night market (10 tshirts , 2 wooden bowls , artistic wallets... )

We love painting and we want to buy some, but we have no place to hang or put them, our walls are full.

- We unexpectedly watched the performance about "Bret" special performance at Cultural Village for Pchum Ben time . The performance is new and really funny.What even more interesting at this part is that we were sitting near some girls who tended to scared and screamed aloud even with a minor intentional act of ghost disguise, which made me laughed badly. Actually if i was also scared at this frightening and jump on my Honey , m sure I could have more fun. But i don like to act.. ha

- We went to Bra Sart Beung Mealea (almost totally ruined) , a very beautiful old and ruined Temple. We had beautiful lunch there , our dishes were deer :) and cost us only 60000riel = 15$

-Honey and I had very interesting memory together at Bra Sart Beung Mealea.
We started to experience a bit adventure in exploring another way out to the front gate. We thought if we passing this wall , could reach the front gate but it's not like this at all. So we climbed on the temple's fell-off walls and rocks .. We almost got lost and and I was so pale as I scared that we might meet the thief or bad people or snake cuz our surrounding was like no one and no wind . we kept walking and searching for awhile until we found a couple were exchanging their love dialogues at the corner up top of the wall . Through their guide we found the way out and we went back to our original spot.
Thanks my Buddha, cuz my feet were almost sprained as I jumped hard from one rock to anther. However I wasn't like damn scared cuz I was with my wonderful honey and he kept mocking at how I looked so healthy and strong , yet easily scared (Fatty Pale) Lolz

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