Saturday, September 18, 2010

DIY Sweet Home!

Honey had official working mission to Korea and he back home bought me a pack wood maybe it call DIY sweet home as Gift (haha)

When I saw it .. I felt like “Ow!”

He knew I’m so lazy to do this kind of stuff.. (I guess he tested my commitment again ...ahhh!!)

Bcuz I always tease him on how he and his brother spent 2 weeks on arranging 3000pieces of Pitsaw haha..

Ever then, He kept complaining that I didn’t value his love as he sincerelly tried so hard to seek for the meaningful gift for me , yet I didn’t bother to arrange it at all

and he acted like he was so hopeless in Me And his face was like ":("

Actually.. He doesn’t know me clearly yet, I just acted like I ignored it as I want him to feel little sad first hehehe..

....One day after cleaning up my room, I arranged all pieces together and made it into Sweet Home… I was doing it with smile as I unexpected my honey to be happy and surprised to see it ..

As I kept arranging it on and on.. I was so getting into it.. kinda don’t want it to end…

Ta.. Ti.. Ta… finally I got it done… I was super haaaaaaaapy… I feel like I got a Real big home.. look so beautiful and cute..

Now I am feeling so touchy and able to learn my honey 's initial feeling when he got me this gift.

Honey come in.. And he was kinda shouted “Honey ….!! You are …Lovely ” hehe..^^ (I am !!)

This little house is so pretty.. However it a bit fragile (But my feeling for honey isn’t)

Honey said now he couldn’t afford me big house.. But one day he promises to build me a house like this one ^^ maybe build in our farm in the countryside.

Let's wait and see !! ..

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