Thursday, March 27, 2008

Behind the curtain to our engagement

We went to choose cloth for the engagement day. This was when it was on Lyda, she looked so beautiful in this picture. She had another two to put on. The other suits were also good to put on her body. But I don't have other pictures here.... Don't you see my picture in her face.

That is qb stuff, a new mobile network in Cambodia. The company organized a concert and distribute free sim-card. We went there and was in the middle of crowd racing and pushing to get one. The mark on lyda's hard told that she got a voucher to get a new sim-card. The company offer $3 dollars credit with that sim-card. At least we got one after a long try!

Morning of the 20 March 2008, Lyda had to get up at 3 o'clock in the morning to prepare her hair style. It was so interested to observe the hair dresser. They kept adding things on her head, sprayed, clipped and moved around her. In this picture, her mum was there, Panha and Trisha. How do you find Lyda in this picture?

Here, how she looked, when markup was done and her princess dress was on! She kept asking me how did she look like? Irritated with her question, I took a picture and showed her. She is always nice in Camera.

That is another picture a long busy days, photographer adjusted Lyda's pose to have a perfect picture. We still wait to see our picture album, but really this is just some behind every pose we had. We acted like a robot that wirelessly command by photographer, Yes we want perfect picture.

Eating time, I think she looked ugly in this final picture. Fucking hot at that day! I like raining last night.
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