Friday, March 28, 2008

We got the video of our engagement and photo album

The engagement Photo Album, Very Poor Design. We are thinking of retouching it and make it look better. Lyda is good at it, she will take this job.

DVD's Cover is somehow good, but there is big room to improve.

But not her!

Video CD of our engagement and photo album are now ready. We will find sometimes to post it, of course, we will select only the best look putting on this page. We don't want colleagues and friends laugh and mock on how we look. Generally, people comment that Lyda looked beautiful at that day, but Luyna looked messy and did not take thing seriously. I think that I am ready to make lyda looks relatively good at any point in time.

I guess if I were a bit more fat, i would look perfect and more beautiful. Anyway, I am trying to look much better on marriage day. At least to make myself a subject for some girls envy with Lyda. So that, she feel a bit high. I am thinking of a specific program on that. To me, this program is vulnerable and it can fail any time.

Frankly speaking, I did not see the Video yet neither the photo from the engagement. That's why there is no screen shot or album cover in this post. We will post it soon.
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