Friday, April 4, 2008

when i know luyna

Me in my cute ring...
in this pic i was waiting for Luyna to finish his work..
he is load of works cuz he works so slow.. hehe.. just kidding Actually cuz he has lots of works to do..
so sad, i can't help him..Sometimes i want to give him massage but he said it's annoying,i should be just standstill and wait..
it's so shy to post de vdo of my engagement here.. rather if all my dear frn wanto see , u can go to watch it at my house ...
22 December 2008 is Monday, i personally i don't like this date though my mom said it's like the Begin of Luck.
I hope we will find new date within Friday and Sunday soon ,cuz i hope our friends can join our wedding freely, i mean free from working pressure.. and can enjoy it til the late night.. :)
Luyna post my ugly pic ... so angry....

talking about "First day" i met funny
dat day i was in Parkcoffee having breakfast with 2 friends
one , of course , is Kalyan..

Kalyan said her friend would come and join us.. , she meant luyna
when Luyna come he just dropped her hardisc and went off (like lightening)
all i could see is his back from behind,cuz i was busy talking wit other fr n didn't noticed his quick presence.. he came in and went off so fast ...

i asked my frn who dat's guy, my question was like "who de hell is dat thin, funny looking guy"..oh i thought he was de guy who flirting my frn during dat time.. later i knew he wasn't

..all in all.. i didn't no him from dat day..cuz i didn't see him well and we didn't talk , cuz he didn't even said hi...Weird!?

another point i thought he was sick.. cuz he was so thin ha..lately i asked him y he didn't have breakfast wit us dat time v first met, he said cuz he left his wallet at home it's so's normal he is so quick dat makes him forget things easily..

until now i get used to his appearance and behavior ,I find him so Cool and sweet but stil weird sometimes, attractively weird..

well de exact day dat i saw him clearly was on ... i don remember when , it was few days before kaly left Cambodia to US.

it's like a week or 2 before she left, very often Kalyan jokingly said , she had a friend to introduce to me.. she meant Luyna, she asked if i was interested to hang out with her friend for fun during the time she's not in PP, but i wasn't interested , even she added he was kind and like to treat ppl esp he had lots of movies bla bla.. i still wasn't interested to know him at all

and i liked to mock her back that this guy was actually flirting her Don't give him to me.. She kept saying NO not dat..

Seriously i wasn't interested in Knowing Luyna at all dat time... simply i don't care.

Until one day, i kind of penniless and so hungry .. and i chatted online with him and he agreed to treat me a dinner

I was so happy cuz i thought i could fooled someone to treat me dinner..hehe

.. dat time we went to have noodle at A2.. he was so annoying as he kept speaking English....cuz i felt like i had to reply or talk to him back in my mind dat time , i wondered y this guy kept speaking English,esp he talked alot. there were many pauses during my eating cuz i had to be polite looking at him while he speaking to me n replied.. I lost my appetite..i concluded dat he wanted to challenge my English..

cuz i was curious about whole situation, and cuz he was kinda mysterious guy.. so i decided to keep hanging out with him and find out.. Main reason, dat time i was so free and friendless

Later some friends asked me what going on with me and Luyna .. and i told them , just friend..maybe after 2months i wouldn't out with him anymore cuz he was so weird ,plus i was told he was tricky too.. haha..

to be honest, i never thought we could ever become bf and gf ..

as we get to know each other ,we find sth interesting in each other.. dat's keep our relationship lively and happy...

In short, i'm very happy being with him....

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