Friday, April 4, 2008

Rasi: Luyna vs. Leeda

If you know Chinese Astrology, four pillars is not new for you. It is the number that calculated from date of birth and that number is the amount of water, fire, metal, wood and earth. These amounts add up to the element in each every year and add up to find the balance element. Based our date of birth, I obtained the following chart:

This is Luyna's Chart: My rasi is high in 2008 down from 2007, but expect to get down in 2009. From 2010 to 2014, my rasi will rapidly go up. Feel hopeful!

This is Leeda's chart. Oh My poor lyda! Since 2001, her rasi was so low. It is in 2008 that she experienc with the rasi. She feel better low. In 2009, she will get back low again :(, but still the best for a last decade :). However, from 2010 she will get better and better. Hope that she never get down again. If so, god is so unfair.

If you want to get your chart, I can do it free of charge for you. Send me your DOB.
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