Friday, April 25, 2008


Yesterday, I had lunch with Leeda and i asked her (kidding) that I feel that you hypnotize me. I don't feel good yesterday, because I waked up at 7:00 am that make me sleepy all days. Later in the evening, I got message from Leeda:
Tin, how is yr feeling now? Still feel like u being hypnotized?
A couple minutes later I got another message:
Good night tin, i'm so headach cuz of my story..Anyway hope u sleep well. n hope u awake from of being hypnotized by me ha..Nite
Actually, I got these messages when I wake up this morning. Feel so good! If hypnotization is the case, then I don't ever want to awake. Since, I prefer to stay as it is now. Dream world is just another side of the real world, if it can be flipped it is the most preferable.
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