Sunday, August 1, 2010

Our favorite Family Dinner

If you reside in Phnom Penh , you surely know this place.
This is Le Seoul , one of the most famous Korean Restaurant.
It started 2 years ago when we ,my family, like to have family dinning there.
Who loves it the most is my Mom. Her favorite dish is the Korean BBQ beef.
Whenever I want to please my mom , I take her there.
Sometimes just eating the side dishes , we can feel full already.
However my friend , Kalyan said, if we go there and don't eat Korean BBQ beef, It is like we don't go at all.
This first time I was there is during my dating with my Hubby.
That time I was so touched by my honey's sweet word that I even cried while eating.
It was unforgettable moment.^^
However my honey doesn't like like this place, he said it same old same old foods.

I think wherever we eat are all the same , the most important thing is who with
Who we share our special moment...

This is me and one of my favorite book titled កំរងប្រយោគមាស​
That time I was so stressful form works, because I have to write a Radio Feature for my show and I didn't know how to start.
However after this dinner, I back to my self again.. happy and lively.
And this book teaches me a lot about explanatory writing.

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